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  1. Sorry ........... Mea culpa - just noticed that @Toe says on a 'transparent background'. I'd remembered the 'plain' background, but not the transparent. Won't do it again Also, I'd forgotten to 'follow' this thread, so didn't see the comments till now .
  2. Hi @CraigS81 and Welcome . It's a bit tough to tell if you mean you have downloaded a PDN file with layers - as @MJW mentions above. If it's a plain template from the web, then it wouldn't open with more layers. Please see here for doing a simple color to a template. You would upload the template, which will show in layer 2. Then you can select the inside of the car with the magic wand then make a new layer and add the color. If you want to expand what you have downloaded you will have to select the layer and, using the Rectangle Select Tool and pull on the nubs at the corners. Hope this makes sense .
  3. Ooooooo - that is very colorful indeed . Looks like a Golden Utopia .
  4. Looks like a dragon fly @AndrewDavid . Don't know if you've seen this tutorial I made for how to use Midora's Animate Plugin - which is here.
  5. Sooooo purdy @lynxster4 and, as @Max said, they do not look cheap at all. Very soft and colorful and would look lovely on a window pane
  6. The theme this week is – "Cubism" which has been chosen by – DrewDale (SOTW #163 winner). This week you're challenged to design and create a signature to look like ''Cubism” Some examples are here The deadline for entries is 7:00pm (UK time) 3 pm EST on Saturday 25th of March 2017. To see how that equates to other countries, here is a link to the World Time Competition Rules 1. Max sig dimensions 500 x 200. Please NOTE: The forum limits signatures to 500 x 150, if it is too large do not try to use it as your sig. 2. Please keep your sig family friendly. 3. Keep to the theme that has been set. 4. You may modify or replace your image until the deadline! 5. Don’t violate copyright laws with found images; links to source images would be courteous. 6. Your entry must be made using paint.net, please don't use an outside image editor and try passing it off as PDN work. 7. There are multiple entries per entrant allowed. 8 . Don’t add links to larger versions of your signature, your entry should be voted on based on the size laid out in rule #1. Please keep larger versions of your work for your gallery 9. Signatures may be either Horizontal or Vertical. The winner of the current SOTW gets to choose the subject for the next competition. Good luck all and thank you in advance for entering. Thanks to - chrisco97, Sozo, TheHowler, Nitenurse79, Chimay, DrewDale & Pixey for keeping this comp going in the past. Previous comps have included the following topics as listed Here compiled by MJW. This list will, perhaps assist future winners with a theme. This thread is for posting your entries only. If you want to talk about any of the entries, you can do so in the discussion thread found here.
  7. Hi @RoosSkywalker - I'm afraid that @TechnoRobbo is no longer active on this site, so any modifications to the Plugin are not very likely .
  8. It's working fine for me in v 4.0.13 . P.S. Although it's no longer showing up in the Render sub menu - it's now in the main Effects window.
  9. Many thanks @Dippy for the Ball Maps .
  10. Hi @Beta0 & @AndrewDavid. I am standing-in for @Woodsy who is unable to work at his computer at the moment, as he's unwell. He's told me that he feels bad he can't comment on here, but I am keeping him up-to-date with your lovely comments, which makes him very happy. Hopefully he'll be better soon .
  11. Ahhhhh - A conundrum image .
  12. Nice result @electrohock777. Welcome to PDN . A few pointers: 1. When you have completed your work you can save it in PDN format for editing, but you also can Flatten and 'Save To' .png (or gif - but .png is better). 2. You then need to upload the finished work to an outside host - like Photobucket or Imgur. 3. Copy the IMG link from the above host(s) and then copy that code into your post on here. Then we can see the image without having to download your PDN. Hope to see more work from you .
  13. Many, many thanks @Seerose and @Maximilian .
  14. Welcome to my Gallery. It's hard to believe that I've been playing with PDN for nine years. Where does the time go? I have learned so much from many of the very talented people on here like Helen, Barbieq, Oma, Welshy, Goonfella, AFG, Yellowman who have been such an inspiration. (Most of my images in this Gallery are Thumbs - please click on them to take you to a larger image ) My Latest Work Glass Apples Jewel from A Crown Recent Glass Recent Work Decorated Bottles TR's Third Dimention/Frames/Filler Plugins/Intensity Warp GLASS PORTRAITS ANIMALS FESTIVE MISCELLANEOUS JEWELRY
  15. Hello @Eagle. It is not a good idea to revive old posts (this one is 10 years old), as requested in the RULES: 11) Don't reply to very old threads. Also known as "reviving" or "resusitating" old/dead threads. Also called "necroposting" (eww). If there has been no discussion in a thread for, say, 3 months ... then it is dead. Do not reply to it -- pretend like it is locked. If you reply to it, then the thread will be immediately locked and your post may be deleted. Please just create a new thread if you have something to say about that subject. However, this rule does not apply to The Overflow, Tutorials, Pictorium, or Plugins sections of the forum. A new thread will probably be a better idea .
  16. Oh dear .... I really made a dog's dinner of that post . I edited the duplicated one and forgot to check the other. Many thanks to those who look after me
  17. Such lovely designs @Seerose. I especially like the 1st one, which looks so silky and would make a wonderful cushion cover .
  18. Thank you @IRON67 - I forgot to check the links before posting .
  19. Hello Everyone, I think I will extend the SOTW #164 for another week. So, it is now open for entries until: SOTW #164 - Cubism - 25th March 2017 7 pm (UK) - 3 PM EST Also I'd like to mention here that @Woodsy would like to apologize to everyone for not being able to comment on all your latest images/polls, etc; as he is laid up at the moment and is unable to work at his computer. Get well soon @Woodsy
  20. Hi @msangel. There is another Plugin to make animations by Midora which supports transparency and here is a How To use the Plugin .
  21. Poll is open until Saturday 11th March 2017 until 7 PM UK time – 2 PM EST World Time Conversion Happy voting and Good Luck everyone!
  22. My violin I made many moons ago.
  23. Thank you very much @mackenzieh . Yes, I based the apples on a tutorial that I used called Glass Yellow Tomatoes. Principally it's a combination of that tutorial and Helen's Glossy Orbs. I use Helen's technique of using the base image in order to select it and keep the shape the same. Keep going back to it, select it, then make new layers and play with gradients/colors/blend modes, etc. I began with making only One Apple and then followed the tomatoes steps, using the PDN Tools that best match the tutorial. i.e. where it says, "click quick mask", use the magic wand to select the fruit (on Global) then make a new layer and then use BotBait's Outline Selection. When you have finished the fruit to your liking, flatten and save, then go back and Un-Do the flatten and play with the Color – Flip colors – on various layers until you get another color you like. Flatten – Save – Un-flatten again and continue changing colors again for another fruit. I drew the stalk separately and shaded it accordingly. Hope this is of help .
  24. Thank you @Red ochre - for dropping by to say that . @lynxster4 Thank you very much indeed