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  1. You forgot to include the hover text: ♫ When the spacing is tight / And the difference is slight / That's a moiré ♫
  2. The only way plugins would go missing is if you are doing a new install to a different directory than the old install.
  3. Go into your mouse settings and make sure this is NOT set:
  4. I'm usually pretty easy on Sci-Fi movies... just because I love visions of the future. Also, I didn't see the trailer before watching the movie. So, maybe I graded it higher because of that. I would have liked to see more of their relationship over the years.
  5. Welcome to the forum! I'm glad you like the program. Be sure to check out the tutorials section of the forum for instructions on how to accomplish amazing things using Also, check out the plugin forum to unleash the full potential of Finally, consider supporting future development of by giving a donation.
  6. I believe what you're seeing is because of this option:
  7. If you really need to edit images of that size, I would suggest using Photoshop.
  8. You say that you want a single editor for images that can edit EXIF data... well, can't do that. We are simply trying to give you workarounds to the fact that doesn't have an EXIF editor. An EXIF editor is on Rick's list, but well down the list in order of priority. He's only one guy (with a full-time job and a girlfriend)--he can code only so much.
  9. If you absolutely must have that functionality, then I suggest using Photoshop.
  10. If that is the case, then is not for you.
  11. When saving an image, it is sometimes critical to change the configuration. For the other times... click. If your only complaint about is that it takes one "extra" click to save a file... and that makes it "simply unfit" for your purpose... I'm not sure you will ever find an image editor that will satisfy you.
  12. When installed properly, it will show up under File > Save As... > Save as type:
  13. Nope. Sorry, there is no way to do that. Your best bet would be to move your palette section around your image as you work.
  14. If you don't like to have the color window open, or it doesn't have enough spaces for the colors you need, try this way: 1. Create your palette as part of your drawing (off to the side) 2. Select the Eye Dropper tool and setup the options as shown: 3. When using the pencil tool to draw, press the letter 'K' to switch to the Eye Dropper tool, click your color palette to select your next color, and continue drawing.
  15. Sorry, that value is hardcoded at 8 and there is no mechanism to change it.
  16. Since you are literally the only person in the world requesting this feature, I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for it to be implemented.
  17. Think of all the time I'll save by never having to buy toilet paper again!
  18. My advice: redownload fresh copies of the plugin packs you actually use and install them one-by-one until the start time becomes just right.
  19. Unedited version, for those of us who can handle adult language: Yo! Stay away from the bud!
  20. I would recommend tweaking the UI like this: protected override ControlInfo OnCreateConfigUI(PropertyCollection props) { var configUI = CreateDefaultConfigUI(props); configUI.SetPropertyControlValue(Constants.Properties.Text.ToString(), ControlInfoPropertyNames.Multiline, true); configUI.SetPropertyControlValue(Constants.Properties.Bold.ToString(), ControlInfoPropertyNames.DisplayName, "Formatting"); configUI.SetPropertyControlValue(Constants.Properties.Bold.ToString(), ControlInfoPropertyNames.Description, Constants.Properties.Bold.ToString()); configUI.SetPropertyControlValue(Constants.Properties.Italic.ToString(), ControlInfoPropertyNames.DisplayName, string.Empty); configUI.SetPropertyControlValue(Constants.Properties.Italic.ToString(), ControlInfoPropertyNames.Description, Constants.Properties.Italic.ToString()); configUI.SetPropertyControlValue(Constants.Properties.Underline.ToString(), ControlInfoPropertyNames.DisplayName, string.Empty); configUI.SetPropertyControlValue(Constants.Properties.Underline.ToString(), ControlInfoPropertyNames.Description, Constants.Properties.Underline.ToString()); configUI.SetPropertyControlValue(Constants.Properties.Strikeout.ToString(), ControlInfoPropertyNames.DisplayName, string.Empty); configUI.SetPropertyControlValue(Constants.Properties.Strikeout.ToString(), ControlInfoPropertyNames.Description, Constants.Properties.Strikeout.ToString()); configUI.SetPropertyControlValue(Constants.Properties.LetterSpacing.ToString(), ControlInfoPropertyNames.SliderLargeChange, 0.25); configUI.SetPropertyControlValue(Constants.Properties.LetterSpacing.ToString(), ControlInfoPropertyNames.SliderSmallChange, 0.01); configUI.SetPropertyControlValue(Constants.Properties.LetterSpacing.ToString(), ControlInfoPropertyNames.UpDownIncrement, 0.01); configUI.SetPropertyControlValue(Constants.Properties.LineSpacing.ToString(), ControlInfoPropertyNames.SliderLargeChange, 0.25); configUI.SetPropertyControlValue(Constants.Properties.LineSpacing.ToString(), ControlInfoPropertyNames.SliderSmallChange, 0.01); configUI.SetPropertyControlValue(Constants.Properties.LineSpacing.ToString(), ControlInfoPropertyNames.UpDownIncrement, 0.01); return configUI; }
  21. Hello, and welcome to the Paint.NET Gallery. This thread is dedicated to showcasing the "best of the best" that our members have to offer. Please take your time to look around. If you like a piece and would like to comment on it, please follow the provided link and make comments on the original thread. I think you will be amazed at what can be created with Paint.NET. Nominating to the Gallery To be eligible, a piece of artwork must be created or edited in Paint.NET. All categories of art will be considered. When you see a piece of artwork in another thread within The Pictorium that you really like and would like to nominate it to The Galleria, simply click that post's "Report" icon: Report In the report form, type "Galleria nomination" and mention which piece you would like to nominate to The Galleria and what you like about the piece. If one of the mods agrees, the art will be displayed in The Galleria. If not, the report will simply be closed. Be patient. This process can take a couple of days. Be assured, we will review every nomination.
  22. No, there is not currently a way to do that. The best way is what EER mentions in the previous post.