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  1. It looks to me that you are using Microsoft Paint, not "". This is a forum for You would do better to seek help on a Microsoft forum. I'm sorry, but we simply can not help you here.
  2. Hidden Figures (2016) 8.5/10 I am so glad there are inspiring movies like this that I can show my children someday. My African American daughter is too young for it now but hopefully she can see it one day and be inspired to do great things.
  3. Click on your top layer (Layer 5) in the layers list box. (In your screenshot, the background layer is selected--as shown by the blue background.) You need to have your uppermost layer selected. Then, click on the add layer button. Draw on that new layer.
  4. I'm glad you figured out that you need to save your image in a format that preserves the transparency, like PNG. Saving your image as JPG simply won't work as the JPG format doesn't support transparency. By the way, GIF will also work, if your image is 256 colors or less. I still prefer PNG though.
  5. First, read the forum rules: Then, edit the title of your thread to be more appropriate. Finally, better describe what types of edits you wish to make.
  6. That's right. You'll need to compile, then copy the dll file into the proper directory in order to test. Just follow the instructions in the tutorial I posted above and the output of VS will be DLL and not EXE. All the instructions are given in the tutorial for moving a CodeLab script to a VS project. Those instructions will NOT change your project into something that can use a custom UI--it will still be using IndirectUI.
  8. Please read the "Problems during Download" section of this page: Rick does not include any viruses/spyware/etc. in the official download. However, unscrupulous people have taken and added their own crap to it and published it making it look official... just know that it is not under Rick's control. If you want the official distribution of you must download it from the page I just linked you above.
  9. Please read the forum rules:
  10. All of the best removing background techniques require plug-ins.
  11. There is an option on the Save to DLL screen that will force your effect to run in a single thread. It is true that your effect will still be broken up into ROI's. But, your Render routine will be called with them one at a time (top to bottom, left to right) in order.
  12. Happy Birthday, Donald Fagen...
  13. All titles have been awarded.