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  1. I would say that you shouldn't merge down to one layer. You should save your image as a .pdn file to save the layer structure in case you need to make changes to the layered image in the future. Then, "File > Save as..." and choose a format that only supports one layer (jpg, png, etc.) for your final output.
  2. Maybe you have the wrong layer selected in the layer docker window?
  3. You're new around here so you don't remember that we used to have a dozen posts a day asking how to install plugins. That's why I wrote the following web page: so a dozen times a day I would point them to that page. It still took up a lot of time and people still had a problem following the instructions so we had to answer multiple posts per day about this. At this point, I wrote the plugin installer and gave the source code away to anyone who wanted it. (I have not posted it publicly as I don't want the megalo people to get their hands on it.) It handles plugins, custom shapes, palette files, and other support files. And, only takes about 15 minutes for a programmer to create one from their dll files. We now have nearly zero daily posts about installing plugins... I'm never going back to the dark ages. Deal. Not possible, sorry. This is a limitation of the indirect ui system. I can add that. Good idea, thanks. Many of the built-in effects do this. For example, Gaussian Blur has a default of 2. Some of the Adjustments do, some don't. I'll have to think about this... but, my initial thought is to have the effect actually do something when first run. This is a fair assessment. I wrote all my help files at a very high level thinking that I would go back later to add details. Maybe it is time for me to revisit them. The source code to this effect is published here: The multiply section simply takes the resulting pixel and multiplies it with itself. Therefore it makes brighter pixels slightly brighter and dark pixels slightly darker. It is the same as if you duplicated a layer and changed the top layer's blending mode to Multiply then started adjusting the Opacity slider. To see some examples of what that Multiply slider can do, see here: 6. As Tanel has posted the source code to his Shadow/Highlight Recovery plugin, this is possible. 7. Not possible as the histogram controls are not available to us plugin authors. 8. Again, not possible. That's why the defaults of the sliders are somewhat general. 9. The noise reduction Radius slider make so little difference, I just hard coded it at 10. I prefer smaller UI's when possible. Looking over your list, here's what I could build: -Shadow/Highlight Recovery -Brightness -Contrast -Temperature -Tint -Saturation -Multiply -Preview original image (checkbox) I would have to trade out Noise Reduction for Shadow Recovery. This is just due to the fact that Noise Reduction and Shadow Recovery are both complex effects and it is really only possible to have one complex effect per plugin. (There are ways around this, but make your code way slower and way more complex.) What do you think? Worth doing?
  4. Or, maybe you have a small selection and only the colors in that selection are being changed. Try pressing Ctrl-D before running the effect.
  5. Be sure to download my latest plugin pack. I just published an update that put the Temperature slider into my Photo > Combined Effects plugin. Another good effect of mine is called Adjustments > Hue / Sat+
  6. Sure, go ahead and post it.
  7. Due to a request here: I created a Temperature / Tint Adjustment plugin. It is found under the Adjustment menu. User Interface: Algorithm: This is where I found the algorithm that I used: Here you can visualize the sliders overlaid on the standard color wheel: CodeLab Script: // Name: Temperature/Tint // Submenu: Adjustment // Author: BoltBait // Title: BoltBait's Temperature/Tint v1.3 // Version: 1.3 // Desc: Adjust the Temperature or Tint of a photograph // Keywords: Temperature|Tint // URL: #region UICode IntSliderControl Amount1 = 0; // [-20,20] Temperature IntSliderControl Amount2 = 0; // [-20,20] Tint CheckboxControl Amount3 = false; // [0,1] Preview original image #endregion private byte Clamp2Byte(int iValue) { if (iValue < 0) return 0; if (iValue > 255) return 255; return (byte)iValue; } unsafe void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect) { for (int y = rect.Top; y < rect.Bottom; y++) { if (IsCancelRequested) return; ColorBgra* srcPtr = src.GetPointAddressUnchecked(rect.Left, y); ColorBgra* dstPtr = dst.GetPointAddressUnchecked(rect.Left, y); for (int x = rect.Left; x < rect.Right; x++) { ColorBgra CurrentPixel = *srcPtr; if (!Amount3) { CurrentPixel.R = Clamp2Byte(CurrentPixel.R + Amount1); // Temperature CurrentPixel.B = Clamp2Byte(CurrentPixel.B - Amount1); // Temperature CurrentPixel.G = Clamp2Byte(CurrentPixel.G + Amount2); // Tint } *dstPtr = CurrentPixel; srcPtr++; dstPtr++; } } } Download: Download as part of my plugin pack, here: Support: This plugin is for 4.0.6+ If you are running Paint.NET 3.5.11, you can build your own copy using the CodeLab source above. You'll need to update the UICode region by replacing "IntSliderControl" with "int" and "CheckboxControl" with "bool". Or, if CodeLab scares you, download the 3.5.11 version here:
  8. New version of plugin pack today. V46. Changes: Added Temperature / Tint Adjustment Updated Photo > Combined Adjustments
  9. Yes, I just want to iron out any last minute bugs. It looks pretty good now, I think the last thing is to decide which menu to put it in. Once that's done, I'll publish.
  10. Yup. You've answered your own question. If you had a specific list of effect sliders you want combined to a single effect, I could probably code it for you. But first, try installing my plugin pack and look at the following effects: Adjustments > Hue / Saturation+ Effects > Photo > Combined Adjustments Effects > Photo > Sharpen Landscape
  11. I dressed up and even colored my hair/beard for my daughter's wedding.
  12. OK, here is the final build, please test: Located in the Effects > Photo menu.
  13. Of course. And, I'll switch over to pointers, add a help file, etc. when I do the rebuild tonight.