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  1. I haven't actually had the chance to look into it yet.
  2. Hmm ... I would give it a 6/10. I thought some of the emotional responses were way too dramatic and forced. Cool story idea, really good visual presentation, but it seemed like someone said "You know what would make this movie better? Dumbing it down for teenagers with some poorly developed emotions and love stuff." And by "better" they meant "sell better". (I understand the business rationale. That doesn't mean I have to enjoy the result ) Also, here's a BIG HINT to anyone who may want to watch this: DO NOT WATCH THE TRAILER. Just go watch the movie. Go in with zero knowledge and expectations. The trailer spoils some important aspects of the story's development. Despite my criticism of it, it was worth the $5 rental on Amazon Prime.
  3. You're welcome :-D
  4. I believe this only happens for Rectangle
  5. You need to run chkdsk -- something on your hard drive got corrupted. Chkdsk is usually pretty good at fixing it though.
  6. Have you tried turning off antialiasing in the toolbar?
  7. Glad it works again I totally understand the stress -- I've had games or electronics that would occasionally suffer a reoccurring "twitch" or glitch of some kind that was impossible to figure out. It just adds anxiety to an otherwise enjoyable experience. It's a little like living next door to a dog that likes to randomly bark really loud.
  8. Do you have a lot of (or any) plugins installed? Anyone else having problems like this on a Core i3? Or any other dual core systems
  9. Did you want more ... or less?
  10. Unfortunately that won't work well unless you're also switching between Normal and Overwrite blending modes
  11. It's not.
  12. https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/dotnet/2016/08/24/whats-new-in-csharp-7-0/ C# 7 features that sound really compelling to me: Local functions!!! These were in Pascal since the early 90s at least, when I used Borland Turbo Pascal 4.5. Sooooooo useful Throw expressions, e.g. "return value ?? throw new Exception()" ... this is really really really the right syntax to have! Ref returns and locals ... this would have been useful at some point although I forget exactly where "Out variables" ... it's a small improvement but it will help!
  13. Well, it works now at least
  14. You've listed any number of bad pieces of hardware, and several dubious strategies, that are easily culprits here. A dying hard drive, a replacement but "on sale" hard drive (really bad idea!), a super old AMD motherboard with bad GPU drivers, trying to run the installer in compatibility modes, trying to install in safe mode and getting bizarre errors, etc. I think your computer is just broken. Until you fix replace the hardware, trying to get software to cooperate is just going to continue to be a monstrous waste of everyone's time.