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  1. I take it this bug still eludes you Rick?
  2. Thank you again Pixey
  3. The first image I created proud enough to show off Interpret as you wish
  4. Well - you got the ¨dragon¨ part right. Midora's Animate Plugin is exactly what I used to make the gif. Thanks for the tip. This post was more about creating my own ,stk file. With 32 vertexes even Ego might be impressed.
  5. 32 vertexes later......
  6. Thanks for showing me some new tricks
  7. Would that not explain why we have so many plugins and options for rotating objects?
  8. I Agree - shapes are wonderful things to play with. Add some color and you have a masterpiece to share. Thank you so much.
  9. Thank you ladies Too much time on my hands. This app is a wonderful pastime.
  10. A B&W pencil sketch that I thought could use some color.
  11. Good thing I didn't include the tune for you. Someone likes it though Thank you both for the visit. Always appreciated.
  12. Yes the secret is in his texture and the size of the canvas he created it on. Quite large I saw. Experimentation with the lines as well I'm sure. And finding the right color............ How long did that take?
  13. Hers my 2 cents. Keep in mind that plugin is one of the rare ones that asks for payment. You might be using a feature that can only be used properly after you pay the registration fee. The author hasn't been around for quite awhile. We still have the watermarks on basic text functions. So I would think those strikeouts are along the same lines. A way of getting your registration and payment for the plugin.
  14. Congrats Woodsy on your promotion to the galleria. Your house is very well done. I will be studying it for methods. There was a form of art I saw 20 years ago. It had to do with pencil sketches of old houses. Do you know what I mean and have you ever tried doing one?
  15. Thank you all for stopping by and having a look. Your comments are much appreciated.
  16. I'm sure you all know the song
  17. Awesome plug-in Toe_head. Worthy of being included in your pack.
  18. 3 words men love to hear - You were right! Changed my plugin to the new one ImAGIF.DLL (Still in Beta?)
  19. My hats off to you all. Congrats DrewDale, lynxster4 and Pixey. Competition is always a learning avenue to take. Keep up the spirit!
  20. Thank you Remake for the tutorial. Any help in learning this wonderful app is much appreciated. Here's another example of a great tutorial that demonstrates the wonders of PaintDNet.
  21. Just had to add this to my collection. For those days when I cant decide what color to use.
  22. I noticed the text was coming out transparent so I made good use of it. Something different from all those other text plugins.
  23. Time for the flowers to start blooming.
  24. Amazing realism. Well done. Exactly how I plan to learn. By watching you guys. I'm still a novice. Learning the questions to ask for the future as well.