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  1. Thank you both for your comments. Learning well - but still a long way to go to match you two.
  2. lynxster4 deserves a place in my art gallery with this latest creation. Learning to use the add-ins a little better now using her shape. Did you know there is art buried in those bevels of yours lynster?
  3. WOW - Competition is TOUGH! Last minute try
  4. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Can you believe I just found your pack today? I can. What better way to say thank you than sharing a few uses of your shapes. Exactly what I needed to practice with. Just finished all of TRs add-ins and I too like the shapemaker. Hope to get to learn it as well as you. Then I can have some fancy dancy icons to share with you. In the meantime - keep on shaping. I know - too much red. Still a noobie
  5. Greetings. As you may well know - I'm a new user that has just discovered PaintDNet and fell in love with the potential it provides. I am not a programmer - nor am I an artist. Neither of which is required to be a dedicated user of the application. The value is in the plugins that I'm beginning to discover.


    After going through ALL of TechnoRobbo's plug-ins (80) and a few other packs I was pointed to in the beginning, I came across your recent posting about your newest addition to what is becoming, for me, a huge database of plug-ins. (really only 218) but that shows you how far I have to go with a total list of over 900 to choose from.


    I see that you are mainly focused on height maps more than everything else. Well one plug-in led to another and I see you have a whole list of them. Looking forward to trying each and every one of them over the next week and see if I can get a handle on their use.


    Surprised you haven't released them in a pack - but values the fact that one must learn slowly and not try to master all your plug-ins at once. 


    I'm still a learner but a fast one. Any suggestions on the order of learning each plug-in would be appreciated. These are the four I have selected. Let me know if I should look at any others first.



    Texture Smoother

    With the video tutorials of TR - I was able to learn what a height map was and was able to create one. I plan to create several more.  24-bit height maps was a term I just heard for the first time. Still trying to get a better understanding of the different types of objects we are creating. Height maps - textures and maps. Still a beginner.


    Thank you in advance for the all the plug-ins you have added to this application. Hope I can create something pleasing to your eye. Any requests?




    1. AndrewDavid


      Thank you very much for your response -  look for my work in each thread of each plug-in. I will go slow no doubt.


       Happy to meet you too B)





  6. Nice colors on those objects () Looks like a fine example of that plug-in Pixie. Thanks for mentioning it. One I don't have yet. You keep me inspired. Still a long road ahead for me.
  7. Beautifull work Seerose Your gallery shows me what I have yet to learn. Wonderful images. Ill be watching for more of your creations.
  8. I think I missed that version - went from XP to WIN 10. I know I skipped vista. Looks like your problems solved though.
  9. Pedge - right click on the folder icon and select properties then customize - then select the icon you want.
  10. Part of Win10 - different forum for that one. And yes the import feature works well
  11. Snipper - paste into - edit - save as *.ico
  12. I must comment on TRs color reducer. Its designed to allow the artist to reduce the number of colors in the picture so a custom palette can be made for that specific project. Creates a lot of work if you work on many projects. Using the multiplier functions allows you to reduce the number of colors you need to remove to create your palette.
  13. Any wonder why its America's favorite sport? <extra images removed - This thread is for posting your entries only.> Hockey belongs to Canada
  14. A tribute to shape3d - hope everyone is still using it. And I guess everyone misses ash.