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  1. Hello and Welcome I've been playing around with Paint.Net for about three years. The bulk of my work is made from fantastic tutorials written by great artists. I may have a few photo manipulations but I credit the majority of my work to the friendly people who make up this forum. A special thanks to Rick for writing this awesome program. Please enjoy and you are welcome to give me your opinion (good or bad). I have been urged to post this video! I was looking for something to do and found Paint.Net. This video was my very first project, before I knew about plugins and before I knew there was a forum that could guide me. I took hundreds of pictures and included the model cars that I built years ago. First I made a gif and got bored with it so I made it into a movie and put in sound effects using Windows Movie Maker.
  2. Thank you everybody for writing all those nice things about my house picture and such ! I'm sorry but I've been out of commission for a while and unable to work at the computer. I don't know how much I can participate in the near future. It's out of my control. I do appreciate all the well wishes though! I feel bad about not being able to comment in peoples galleries as well as mine. I want to thank Red for the Galleria nomination! I'll try to live up to those standards with future work. Thank you very much Pixey for standing in for me! Hearing some of the comments made me feel lots better and your help was much appreciated. Reps later...
  3. Unfortunately I may not be able to submit an entry to OOTF#4. I have asked Toe_head to ask MJW to choose an object since his entry took second place. I feel bad since I was on a streak but it can't be helped. Believe it or not a pocket watch was one of the items I was considering.
  4. I'm on Windows 10 also! It doesn't work for me.
  5. He looks kind of morbid, but I like it! Well done Lynxster!
  6. With the texture I used the "Random Shape Fill" plugin over and over and over then faded it to my liking. For the laces I used the "Line" tool and looked at a picture of a baseball for a comparison. But the important part is putting a radial gradient in transparency mode on the texture to make it look realistic.
  7. Thank you Dipstick and AndrewDavid! I'm sorry but I didn't use a map. I started with Shape 3D on a blank canvas and added the texture and the threads next. Then I enclosed the threads on a different layer so I could use Bevel Object. I drew all the holes separately.
  8. Thanks Seerose and Maximilian! I can't help it, I love old buildings like that.
  9. Thanks all! I'm glad I was able to pick an object that attracted so many contestants. I had some stiff competition. Thanks again Toe_Head for hosting!
  10. Thank you Lynxster! I too love chillin' on the porch and reminiscing!
  11. Great job Pixey! It's absolutely gorgeous! Any woman would be proud to receive a brooch like that as a gift! Love the texturing surrounding it also!
  12. Thank you Pixey! It did take me awhile to make but it kept me out of trouble. Thanks Red! I'm experimenting with gradient blurs as well as shading. It would have taken me three times as long to make if I didn't have your plugin. Thank you LionsDragon! I love old houses like this! I was trying to think of something to put on the porch but I got tired of working on it.
  13. I just love Red's Vanishing Point!
  14. Wow! More awesome images Seerose! I like the last one the best.
  15. Happy Birthday Welshblue! You don't know me, I joined the forum after you left. I've been using PDN since Dec. of 2012 and I have learned soooo much from your gallery, tutorials, and posts. I wish I could have met you! Thank You!
  16. Wow! Incredible piece! You really knocked it out of the park! Congratulations on the Galleria nomination!
  17. More great pieces Iron67! Glad to see so much of your work!
  18. Incredible piece Iron67! Love the exploding Effect! I'll bet you do well at making the exploding planet.
  19. Thanks Boltbait! Gotta keep up to date!
  20. Awesome job on the Orbs Pixey! The glow is fantastic! I knew you would get the hang of that plugin messin' around with it like you were.
  21. Great images Seerose! Love the colors and the patterns! You could sell them for real kaleidoscopes.
  22. Nice work IRON67! The first one is an interesting effect! The second one is very deep! Be back tomorrow for reps
  23. Thank you everyone! Congrats to the others! Sorry about such a hard choice! I couldn't have done my walnut without Red Ochre's ArtyThing plugin. Thanks Toe_Head!
  24. Cool effects RickHum! It looks like the faces are pressed against glass.