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  1. More great pieces Iron67! Glad to see so much of your work!
  2. Incredible piece Iron67! Love the exploding Effect! I'll bet you do well at making the exploding planet.
  3. Thanks Boltbait! Gotta keep up to date!
  4. Awesome job on the Orbs Pixey! The glow is fantastic! I knew you would get the hang of that plugin messin' around with it like you were.
  5. Great images Seerose! Love the colors and the patterns! You could sell them for real kaleidoscopes.
  6. Nice work IRON67! The first one is an interesting effect! The second one is very deep! Be back tomorrow for reps
  7. Thank you everyone! Congrats to the others! Sorry about such a hard choice! I couldn't have done my walnut without Red Ochre's ArtyThing plugin. Thanks Toe_Head!
  8. Cool effects RickHum! It looks like the faces are pressed against glass.
  9. Hey Andrew welcome! Apparently you're learning well! You might want to try some of the offered tutorials. You'll learn a lot! Can't wait to see more of your work!
  10. How beautiful Seerose! Love the colors and the patterns.
  11. If you're interested RickHum, I use a free program called PhotoScape for animated gif's. I use png's but it does take jpg's. It's a little slow if you use a lot of frames but the frame rate does get down to .01sec.. I've used it for a gif with 370 frames.
  12. Great new perfume bottle Pixey! You've really got the knack for fancy bottles!
  13. Great animation RickHum! Nice effects! What program did you use to animate it? Very smooth!