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  1. Here ya go...about as good a baseball I can make with 100% PDN....
  2. Something else I noticed between copy from FF or Chrome. Chrome preserves alpha channel and anti-aliasing when copying and pasting into PDN.
  3. No problem here copy + pasting the flower image from FireFox browser into PDN 3.5.11 running in Linux under wine. Perhaps it's a PDN 4.0.13 issue? I have v4.0.13 installed in a VM, but I don't let it have internet connection.
  4. Congrats to pixey and Lynxster4! I never vote in contests I enter, I wonder what the outcome would've been if I did? Really good job on your Peacock Lynx! Peacocks are very beautiful birds. Here's on I shot many years ago at Bush Gardens, Florida.
  5. OK, last post. 100% PDN. This thread gave me some ideas, so I decided to rebuild my 10 year-old baseball map. I made a new one from scratch. I even added Red Ochre's "Fur Blur" to make the frayed threads. And no, I'm not interested in winning this comp. So don't bother voting for me.............. But if someone asks real nice....I might upload the baseball map.
  6. Thanks for the info BoltBait. I downloaded CodeLab v1.8 and made my own v3.5.11 compatible dll with my own icon. I did it in Linux under wine. It was touch and go for a while, but I managed to make a working version.
  7. I think you should put it in your "Combined Adjustments" plugin replacing the Yellow/Blue adjustment slider. Just a thought. It works great in PDN 4.0.13, it doesn't work in PDN 3.5.11.
  8. Made this one in PDN. I used GridWarp to stretch out the seams at the edges. I made this map years ago. Don't know why I didn't think to use GridWarp before....
  9. Just cause I'm bored........
  10. Maybe I'm daft, but please explain what's the point????
  11. use "Dents" effect plugin to achieve this effect.
  12. Thanks for the cool tip on the "selection" process. It makes it easier to warp.
  13. Laplacian Pyramid filter works perfectly fine in PDN v 3.5.11, I use it quite often. It will be found in Effects > Photo > Laplacian Pyramid filter.