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  1. Nice piece, @IRON67 . You definitely have your own style going...keep it up!
  2. And I the same!
  3. You are too kind @AndrewDavid. The mask looks wonderful; love how you've made it 'unique'. You are learning by 'leaps and bounds'. Great job!
  4. Congrats @Pixey and @dipstick! That was a tight contest. Your entries were great! Thanks for hosting, Pixey!!
  5. That's a very pretty song @Maximilian . I like music like that.
  6. Here is a variation of my SOTW #162 entry (Art Nouveau); an 'enameled' brooch. Hope you all enjoy it!
  7. Thank you @AndrewDavid! Your renditions are great. Keep checking back here...I'm working on some more shapes!
  8. I made this, even though I haven't had a French class since high school. It's pretty neat, but I also experienced errors. If you play with all the options too much, it crashes. It's also a little hard to work with. I appreciate your effort though, @roro69
  9. Very nice rosary @LionsDragon! I'm sure your nephew will love it! Happy confirming!
  10.'ve done it again, @Seerose ! All four images are beautiful; so colorful! Great work!
  11. Wonderful, wonderful orbs (balls?)!! Love the texture and the glow! Great image, Pixey. What would we do without Texture Merger?
  12. Thank you, @MJW. This could be very useful!
  13. A little bit of nostaglia....inspired by recent finds when doing some early 'spring cleaning'. Bless childhood memories!! Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!
  14. Thank you, @LionsDragon. That means a lot.