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  1. The original work, Maximilian. Thank you.
  2. Charm!
  3. I have added to the first post one more method of creation a portrait in the Pop Art style. Try this method with the presets from Pop_Art package.
  4. Added 15 different presets for creation of portraits in Pop Art style to the first post (
  5. Unexpected interesting work, Ella! Thank you.
  6. Excellent work, fine tutorial. This post may be a detached tutorial.
  7. Fine works, Maximilian!
  8. Seerose, after apply Advanced Greyscale effect select a Magic Wand with tolerance of 20-30%. Click in the area marked with an arrow 1. Press and hold the Ctrl key. With Magic Wand successively click in the areas marked by the arrows 2 and then 3 (or only in the areas 1 and 2). And you get this result: I hope this helped.
  9. Seerose, great as always. Thank you.
  10. lynxster4, good work. Try to play with color markers moving them in one direction or another.
  11. Maximilian, nice work! Thank you!
  12. Two sets of gradients are added to the first post: Silvery, and Vintage.
  13. Thank you, LionsDragon. I'm glad I could help you.
  14. At this time about 100 preset are presented. Graphics of each preset will demand a lot of place in the post. Therefore it is necessary to check their actions by use of each of them. Maybe this will help: The Wonderful World of Gradient Mapping!