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  1. Do not expect too much. Now and then (as right now) I'm in the mood, but these phases are getting shorter. Most of the time I don't feel so good.
  2. I don't know exactly if there will be more than this first picture, but maybe it's still working. At the moment I'm really not so for new creations, but now and again I get fancy for gimmicks with PDN.
  3. Cracked makeup Pressure
  4. It's my own eye ... thanks.
  5. @Seerose Please don't exaggerate. That makes me abashed.
  6. Sorry for my maybe harsh criticism, but in it's current form it's really anti-intuitive in some parts and hard to handle. There's much to do - and first a translation. I see that like @Eli.
  7. Bluescreens have different reasons and triggers. So please provide us some useful informations about your "computer" - especially the bluescreen error message itself and your system configuration data. Maybe Bluescreen View could help you.
  8. Sure.... but I wonder, why all the folks are thinking, a planet could explode. It would be rather an implosion . Same thing happens currently to me ... in a transposed sense.
  9. I think, you use the sliders in a wrong way. You have to drag them to the LEFT. Look:
  10. Played around a little bit in the evening... My exploding eye.
  11. As written: Please SHOW us the original image and/or the result.
  12. Changing of colors depends on the amount of colors of the image. Maybe your image hasn't much colors that can be reduced and so you can't see the changes.
  13. Maybe your version of Paint.NET is wrong. Here with PDN 4.0.13 it works. Please provide us some more informations about what you have done exactly and how it looks like.
  14. Well, it's your decision, but I think, you should try it again. You can't learn anything, if you give up. Redrawing the feather wasn't neccessary (for perspective) in my opinion - at most, because they look a little bit like fish scales. And beveling the blood is better then such a light beveling of arms and legs. It's mostly a question of the right perspective - nothing else. Here 2 little examples, what I mean: I see two options: You draw the blood or other more or less flat objects directly in the right perspective. You draw like before and use then Layers -> Rotate/Zoom. Additional an alternative wing:
  15. If the wall is the light source, the shadow must point in the opposite direction. In general your shadows are in my eyes to soft. BTW: Shadows must follow perspective too (nearer=bigger).
  16. 90 cm ~ 35,43 inches dpi = dots per inch 35.43 * 300 = 10629 (pixels) works on screen with a standard resolution of 96 dpi. So the size will be 281.23 cm. Changing to 300 dpi -> 90 cm
  17. You failed in drawing it in the right perspective. It should look more like this: Maybe that helps you...
  18. My PC likes me Edit: Very funny: I just had the error in my Seamonkey 2.48 (my favourite browser) with the image by Humility (Photobucket) in this thread, but NOT with my Firefox. And the error appears only on my first try to copy the image. On second try it works. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  19. My charme depends on your posts. It is no fun at night at 2.30 am to pull someone some information from the nose.
  20. Fine. I guess there's an online help or tutorial for your Classic Shell and maybe it would be a good idea to look in. BTW: Most system icons are stored in DLL files...
  21. What folders? Do you mean in the Windows Explorer? I'm out. Such manipulations are a little bit to tricky. I hope you know what you are doing.
  22. Yeah, fine. And? I don't know, what size is good for your needs and where you want to see it. I don't have a magic crystal ball.
  23. Depends completely on your needs. If you need it only for your own eyes, choose what you want. If it is for a distributed software, you need many sizes, because different users have different screen resolutions and different options for displaying windows and symbol sizes.
  24. Bigger, because there are multiple sizes inside one file from 16x16 to 256x256 pixels. Maybe you should work with a real Icon Editor like Greenfish. (See spoiler)