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  1. What plugin are you using? Edit. I see it now it is TextPro. Sorry, I do not have that one. It would be best to post your question in the author's post. An update may be needed. The same problem was reported for another plugin made by @romein : Multi Color Gradient.
  2. You need a pillow without a background. Add a new layer and bring an image to this layer. Change this layer's mode to multiply. Go back to your pillow layer. Use the magic wand to select around the pillow. Inverse your selection (Ctrl +i). Go to the layer containing your image and press delete.
  3. The strikeout and underline issues have been corrected in the new version :
  4. @simmetric The Center alignment is off to the left. There is also a little issue with the Underline and Strikeout options.
  5. @toe_head2001 Thanks for this fix!
  6. Thanks for this tool @simmetric! I like the overlapping of text. I wonder if an outline and shadow option could be added for a cool effect like this :
  7. Just some ideas : Ink sketch now included in Paint.net Color sketch Fuzzy Edge Detector Edge Detection
  8. I'll join the party. : )
  9. I have Win 10. I am using Paint.Net 4.0.13. It works for me.
  10. @lynxster4 The images size you are using to make the mosaic should not be larger than 255 pixels
  11. Thanks Again! EER
  12. I thought of it EER, but I was looking for a faster way to do it. I though about creating sprites using TR's Sprite Matrix as well. But the Jumble effect does exactly what is needed. I just have to add the cutting lines. I remembered a little tool made by toe_head : Horizontal and Vertical Cells.
  13. Yes, toe_head 2001, It does the chopping and the scrambling. I will have to add the cutting lines manually since many of the images are black and white. Thanks Toe_head, not long ago I cleaned all my effects. I had not reinstalled the Jumble effect.
  14. Since your text is in a separate layer it is possible. Select the layer with the text and go to Adjustments>Hue / Saturation.
  15. I have been asked for help, and now I ask you for help I would like to help a friend making surprise puzzles for her students. The images that will be used in the puzzles are of different sizes (some are square, others rectangular and there are some long ones). The children will not know what the image looks like until they finish the puzzle. They are going to be printed on regular paper and they will be cut with scissors by the kids themselves so there has to be a cutting guideline. They have to be scrambled. I have looked at the plugins available but I have not seen something to do what I just described. An effect with options to decide the number of columns and rows would be of great help. Thank you.