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  1. My Dear @lynxster4! "Cheap Plastic Suncatcher" never, never, no way! I would pay more dollars. Thanks for the wonderful job.
  2. I would have liked to participate. But I don't know how to create it.
  3. @Woodsy! We look forward to news from you. Good luk. Greetings from Germany.
  4. Fat patient: Doctor, I want to lose weight fast. Doctor: It is very easy, just keep shaking your head, left and right. Fat patient: All the time? Doctor: No, only when someone offers you food.
  5. OMG! @AndrewDavid! I like the way you did this one. Nice work on the latest one. Thank you so much.
  6. @dukof! Hi welcome to the Paint.Net forum, have fun.
  7. @electrohock777! Hi welcome to the Paint.Net forum, have fun. Auto picture very beautiful. Thank you so much.
  8. @TruePaintNetFan! Hello and welcome to the Paint.Net forum, have fan. Wonderful -username-.
  9. @dipstick! Thank you very much vor the images. *Background image self photographed!
  10. @Woodsy! Hopefully soon it will work out that they are here again. @Pixey! Thank you so much for the information.
  11. @dipstick! Thanks for the tip. I know that too. Thank you so much for the answer and for your effort. I meant that. What method did you use? It will be great if you can write a bit about how you do this.