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  1. Quite an obscure gem. ☼♪
  2. @Seerose That is one of the must-have songs in my playlist along with other Archies songs. Just listening to another 60's tune. ♫♫
  3. Are you copying images from a web browser into Paint.NET? This "not enough memory" error occurred to me one evening when I already have PDN v4.0.13. Some others have seen this problem too. A solution was proposed that if copying images from a web browser such as those from Google Images, click on the "View Image" first, so the full image gets loaded unto a page before you right click-copy it to Paint.NET and this way, you might just not have the "not enough memory" error. Look at the latest posts of this recent thread about the same issue. And welcome to the forums!
  4. Yes, this is a good use of the Frosted Glass effect. It creates a grain effect (other than the Noise>>Grain plugin) or even what I call a "dissolving" effect which I have repeatedly exploited myself. I am in the opinion that the Frosted Glass effect is underrated or often overlooked.
  5. For something like your example, you could use Clouds of 2 shades of light orange as your primary and secondary colors with around ~70 Scale and around ~0.75 Roughness. And now for the frost. Make your primary color white and your secondary color transparent (just make the transparency value 0). Create a 2nd layer and on that layer, try to render Clouds once more. Again with low Scale and considerably high Roughness settings. Optional: Apply a blur of the 2nd layer or lower its layer opacity where you made the frost. Flatten the layers.
  6. Art Nouveau seems like a very elegant theme thanks to the link by Pixey, showing posters of what I assume to be illustrations of women on the late 1800s. They are somewhat comparable to Mary Cassatt flat-color paintings, inspired by Japanese art that I read about in my opinion. I would love if I can make one but too much work for me to achieve what I had in mind, especially that I imagined if I could model it from someone rather special that I also wish would celebrate Valentines Day with me. I'm not motivated at the moment to try it or even start a canvass just to see how it could play out.
  7. You have good taste in drummers. :)


    1. Ishi


      Couldn't have a good taste in drummers if I couldn't drum myself. :D In fact, I was just holding my pair of drumsticks before replying to this. LOL. 

    2. LionsDragon


      I hear that! Need to replace my bodhran unfortunately, but.... Drummers rule!



  8. Looks like they can be visualizations for a music player and they are psychedelic too. The middle one reminds me of Christmas lanterns. How were you able to come up with the symmetry of these patterns?
  9. I think a Clouds+ or Advanced Cloud plugin will be written in the near future, hopefully. However the example above is possible with someone who has a very advanced use and skill of the paintbrush and the Smudge tool maybe.
  10. I should say that I "cracked" the shape so its a nut joke lol Yes, I too am more contented with the color of this one than of my first submission. But I'm still not that greatly impressed because to me, it also resembles a distorted coffee bean, a nutmeg or a cacao pod.
  11. New version, new entry.
  12. This is my succeeding attempt with the wallnut which is basically one of the 3 wallnuts on the first image that I tried to enhance though I must say, its now starting to resemble our local cacao pod.
  13. Thanks Pixey. I guess my first attempt on that gave me a sense of accomplishment today at least. Lost the steady Internet connection here at home so I haven't been participating as much as I should be doing artistically. I had long periods of idleness before. Some PDN plans never made it to the PDN canvass. Wallnuts don't grow in our place. I was lucky enough to get me some from a box of gifts sent to my grandma, maybe 11-13 years ago. I do have preference for peanuts (locally available), cashews and almonds whenever I feel cutting the calorie drive from potato chips and other fried chips which I would hopefully resist for most of the week. The Object of the Fortnight challenge is a new one and a good test of versatility for us too. But I feel there's more fun if backgrounds are allowed so that a composition of items could be made but leave that for another artwork. Cheers.
  14. Thank you Maximilian. Few minutes after I started, I was starting to feel it may not work but pulled through it with rather more experimentation of how to texturize and distort the wallnut than with technique which I unfortunately lack. I do have a self-invented/discovered technique for making shadows though. The plugins, Cloud, Shape3D, Levels, Vibrance, Liquify, Smudge, Sharpen and Grain,did it for me. Luckily, "still life" is an art form I used to sketch way back in highschool.