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  1. Visual Studio Community 2015. I have a request: Please check that you can launch a Win32 Console Application in C ++ language. In my case it does not work and I get an error message. I tried everything I found on the web but without any success. I finally installed CodeBlocks because I have not managed to make it work in VS. I need C ++ for my son because he learns this programming language at school. Thank you.
  2. I think this plugin was created in Delphi (Pascal). Therefore the author has not posted the code. Pascal language is still extensively used in France and elsewhere in Europe. For example, LazPaint is also written in Lazarus IDE.
  3. For simple projects I use PCB Wizard.
  4. I appreciate that. You're a really nice guy. I don't want to abuse for your kindness but maybe you can help me in the next problem: //two sliders AmountX, AmountY with link checkbox = AmountZ; if the checkbox is ticked then AmountX and AmountY sliders is linked. propRules.Add(new LinkValuesBasedOnBooleanRule<int, Int32Property>(new ValueType[] { PropertyNames.AmountX, PropertyNames.AmountY }, PropertyNames.AmountZ, false)); //found on simonbrown site //one slider = AmountX with enable checkbox = AmountY; if the checkbox is unticked then AmountX slider is disabled. propRules.Add(new ReadOnlyBoundToBooleanRule(PropertyNames.AmountX, PropertyNames.AmountY, true));//also found on simonbrown site Now, if I have a dropdown list and I want to enable a slider when an option from that dropdown list is choosed, how can I make that? propRules.Add(new ReadOnlyBoundToBooleanRule(PropertyNames.AmountXOptionN, PropertyNames.AmountY, true));//does not work
  5. Ok, now everything is working correct. Thanks BoltBait for this small utility.
  6. My file have rtf extension not rtz but I don't understand why in the code generated from CodeLab have rtz. The Namespace is correct. Ok, I'll see tomorow what is happening. Now is late. In my country it is time 23:20. Thank you for your help.
  7. Yes, I did. See my first post.