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  2. Video for Win 7/8:
  3. At least on my Windows 10 system, all icons from Medium Icons and above show up as thumbnail images, both for PNG and PDN files.
  4. Here ya go...about as good a baseball I can make with 100% PDN....
  5. Today
  6. Oh sorry. Yes I meant through a plugin.
  7. I use to making sprites for games,and there's so many I don't seem to know which one is what,and it doesn't show outside of the image a preview of it: Is there a way for the icon to show as the image?Like for me to know which one is what?
  8. @ReMake has answered for me :) I update the Index monthly, usually on the first day of the month. Sometimes I'm a day early or late depending on my workload.
  9. Hey Scott! Just asking, how often is this updated?
  10. Wow x 4 . So much prettiness to look at - all so beautiful .
  11. Sometimes a 'crash' is just what the Dr ordered as you can start with a lot less plugins = faster PDNing afterwards .
  12. Ooooooo - some great Mini - tuts here .
  13. Different approaches and different results. Lina has a good choice.
  14. Here's my version with Distort This! Because of the blurry edges of some letters (H,D) I recommend AA's Assistant to sharpen the edges.
  15. Yes, there is a tool that can help you. I will post an example in a few minutes. Here it is . I used Paste Warp+ You need to draw the Black shapes on a layer as a guide for the distortion. Type your text on another layer and copy it to the clipboard. Add another layer and use Paste Warp + Do the same for the bottom part.
  16. You can make this effect by using one of some distortion plugins like Distort This! or Grid Warp. Oblique or Perspective may work too.
  17. hi fellow artists. I had a pc crash today. I lost the pdn file so I reinstalled it. and will have to reinstall all the plug ins. that will be sometime today. I made copy of plugins so I wont have to download them one by one. ill post some more when I get things straightened out ,cheers
  18. Is there a text formation plugin that makes this effekt? So that the text narrows to one side but still keep a straight line in either the top or the bottom. I am grateful for any tips or ideas! /Lina
  19. Dear @ReMake, and Dear @LionsDragon! Thanks for the rep. I got really Flattered. Dear @Maximilian and @lynxster4! I really have fun with Paint.Net. Thank you very much to everybody for all the compliments. @lynxster4! (I'm a girl)
  20. Thank You Pixy for this interesting foray in to the "thermal zone", so to speak. Some very hot stuff on the entry side.---groan LionsDragon keep getting well; it'll only seemingly be forever. But rest, eat well, drink liquids and before you know it you'll be well
  21. Well This is a hot as I get ....
  22. MKT recently contacted the mods and let us know: 1. he's been very busy with work and family 2. he lost the source code to the Shape 3D plugin 3. he doesn't speak English and doesn't really trust google translate That's why he hasn't been around.
  23. I was contemplating choosing one of my entries (probably the dirty version) and dropping the other, since they're so similar. I didn't realize the poll would begin so soon. I don't have much intuitive feeling for different timezones. I might have kept them both, anyway.
  24. I wish those who posted non-compliant entries would have modified their entries to make them eligible. There were some good entries that weren't allowed.
  25. You may vote for up to 4 entries. Poll will close on at 0600 UTC (6:00 AM UK Time) on Saturday March 4. To see how that equates to other countries, see the World Time clock or the UTC Time Zone map.
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