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  3. Awesome, thank you!
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  5. Here's my attempt. You can use it if you wish, but I hope you try to replicate the steps or do your own variation. The steps I used: Copy the original image into PDN. To add the halo -- Add a new (transparent) layer. Set the Primary Color to white and the Secondary Color to black (by clicking the switch colors arrow in the Color Menu.) Select the Shape Tool, and set the Shape to an ellipse. The Brush Width should be 2. Draw an ellipse for the halo. Adjust it till the position looks right. It wil need to be moved around and tilted. [You should now have a white halo. Now to add a glow.] Run the Object>Edge Expander plugin with the following values: Maximum Distance: 26 Fade Rate; 2.0 (maximum value) Opacity Threshold: 255 (default) [You could just use a Gaussian Blur, but I think the Edge Expander glow looks better.] Run Blurs>Gaussian Blur Radius:2 (default) [ You should now have a glowing halo. Now to make it fade toward the back.] Select the Gradient Tool with the (default) Linear Gradient. Change the mode from Color Mode to Transparency Mode. Holding down the left button, start with the cursor at the front of the halo and move it to the back till the fading looks correct. It may take a few un-dos and retries. If the halo is a bit too bright, adjust the layer Opacity. In my example, I set the Opacity to 230. [You should now have a glowing, fading-toward-the back halo. Now to adjust the lighting on the dog. This is largely a matter of taste.] Make the dog layer active. Run Photo>Vignette. Start with the Density all the way up so you can easily see the highlighted region. Adjust the Center and Radius to highlight the front/top of the dog's head. When the right region is selected, adjust the Density as desired. I used: X Center: 0.25 Y Center: -0.14 Radius: 0.21 Density: 0.60 Run Photo>Glow. I used: Radius: 6 Brightness: 10 Contrast: 10 If the halo doesn't seem like it's in the best position, use the Move Selected Pixels tool to adjust its location, size, tilt, etc. The image is now complete. You may want to tweak the Brightness and Contrast, or the Hue and Saturation to get the best look.You should probably save the layered version before flattening to produce the final result. There's nothing special about the exact values I used. I did it by eye, then went back to check the values.
  6. Thank you, thank you, @ReMake! My head is swirling with ideas already!
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  8. Then I guess, your logo was on the left side a little bit bigger, maybe by some single pixels that you've overseen.
  9. Okay it's working but my C++ logo is not centered. And I downloaded and installed the plugin. Here is a screenshot of my desktop:
  10. Okay the video helps a lot, thanks! I've filed a bug to track this
  11. Use Object Align on a transparent layer (option "Center Both" - vertically & horizontally)
  12. Okay Thanks for the info. The only thing I may need to know how to do yet is to make sure that the box logo is centered. I don't want the logo off to one side.
  13. I love animals. Sorry for your friends pet.perrito-51a939e.png


    1. mejallen


      that's very kind, I really loved her like my own. I used to house sit when my friend traveled and got really close to her and decided to adopt my dog. Thanks so much

  14. I don't have time at this moment, but I'll provide more step-by-step details later, if no one else has.
  15. thanks everyone, I will definitely try, I especially like the illumination ideas from MJW
  16. I believe there are two things that need to be done. The first is creating the halo. That should be pretty easy, though I'll need to try out a few ideas before suggesting one. The second is to make the top of dog's head appear to be illuminated by the halo's glow. That's not absolutely necessary, but I think it would certainly enhance the effect. How to do that part is a bit less obvious.
  17. As MJW said, we won't do this for you, but we're happy to help you learn the technique for yourself This tutorial will be a good starting place: Instead of a wrapped line, you'll be looking at an elliptical halo. Other than that the technique will produce quite a similar effect to what you're after. This tutorial is along the same lines:
  18. Sorry about your friend's pet. Asking others to do work for you is against the forum rules: You'll have no problem finding people to advise you on how do effects like that yourself. I think you'll discover that it isn't too difficult. (If no one responds soon, I'll try to come up with a good method, myself.)
  19. my friend's pet passed away this week and I'd like to make a pic like the retriever with the halo but don't know how. I've also included the pet pic. Does anyone do this for a small fee? Or, can someone give me instructions? thanks
  20. Just makes me wonder MJW...... If you select the area first - before you paint or erase - the app prevents you from going outside the selected area to paint or erase.
  21. It's helpful because it works . Same thing happen to me sometimes - if I'm to lazy to choose the right zoomlevel and/or part of the workspace and paint to fast. It helps you to learn to work more concentrate and careful.
  22. I don't find that "It hurts when I do this. Don't do that." advice particularly helpful Zooming in is often necessary to accurately paint or erase along an edge; and a consequence of zooming is that only a small region is visible, so it's necessary to move outside the currently visible area. If auto-scroll doesn't behave in a reasonable manner, why have it at all? The brush might as well stop at the border rather than do something that's at best useless.
  23. Here's my attempt:
  24. My suggest: less zooming in or stay away from borders with the brush.
  25. Thanks, toe_head2001. I was, of course, hoping it had incredible secret powers. Nevertheless the window adjustments might prove useful for some plugins.
  26. Could you provide a video of this happening? The more detail the better
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